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BF1942 Virtual Memory Message

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Sep 14, 2002
When playing Battlefield 1942 I get a message in Windows 2000 saying my Virtual Memory is low. My RAM is in my sig. Has anyone else got this message?
BF1942 is a BIG memory hog. Even with 512mb of ram, it'll easily use up to 75% of it. Add on top of that the bloated nature of Windoze, and 256mb will feel like 64mb.

But the virtual memory issue may be becuase your running out of space for the swap file. You'll either have to delete some stuff from your harddrive to give the swap file more space, and/or increase the swap file size.
Nah my hardrive has several gigs of empty space. I think I just need more RAM. Dang 256k used to be more than anyone needed, not it's not enough...:(
are you forcing windows to use a custom swap file size instead of automatic? if so let windows automatically handle the swap file and that should fix it... i've played BF on 256mb of RAM just fine, little slower than 512, yes of course.. but still playable.
Do you know what your system is set to use for virtual memory? It's best to set your virtual memory to the same maximum and minimum size so it does not have to resize.. I would set it to 512mb or 768mb with your setup. If you have a second HDD move it to the second HDD.

Also, in your sig it says you 3d mark 2001 score is 1000 something. Either you need to tweak you system A LOT or you left out a digit :)
I'm letting Windows handle the swap files automatically.
Gnerma - Thanks I changed my sig now