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BFG 8800GT 512MB OC - $143.98 AR if you can use $25 GCO Coupon

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Dec 20, 2000
Xenia OH
Summary: Buy BFG 8800GT OC 512MB (625MHz Core)at $198.99 minus $25 Buy.com Google Checkout Coupon minus $30 Mail in rebate

$198.99 - $25 GCO Coupon - $30 MIR = $143.98 (free shipping as long as you select the right option).

This is somehwat YMMV so if the $25 GCO coupon does not work for you then you might be better off getting an XFX or eVGA card eslewhere. So this deal assumes that you received a $25 coupon via email from Buy.com when using Google Checkout (mine was for $25 off $75 purchase). If you did not receive it, you still may be able to get the discount if you follow the link given below but YMMV. If you want to try the link below, you have to add everything to your cart, checkout using Google Checkout, and then login in to your Google account (discount will not show up until you login). I'll give step by step instructions below. If you are able to get the $25 discount without having received the email then please post your results.

Also, the email I received says that the coupon expires on 4/23/2008. However, with their prior round of coupons I was able to get the coupon to work twice after the stated expiration (using 2 different GCO accounts).

1) Click on the following link and add the item to your cart: BFG 8800GT 512 OC

2) Close that browser after adding them to your cart and then click on the following link for the coupon: Click on this link

3) Even though you closed the previous browser, the new browser should still show that you have $198.99 in your cart so click on the view cart link (link is up in top right corner). Then click on Google Checkout button on top right side.

4) Login to your Google Checkout account and if the coupon is going to work the $25 discount will be reflected. If you continue on with the purchase then MAKE SURE that you choose the Free Shipping option or else you will get charged.

5) Print out rebate form and and submit: BFG Rebate Link.

This is one of the lowest prices yet if the coupon works for you. I actually posted a similar deal about a week ago for $5 more but the thread got no replies at all. That was probably because it was a much bigger YMMV since the coupon was technically expired yet it was still working for me. So if the coupoon works for you then you actually end up getting it chepaer than me (since I already bought it using $20 coupon and the rebate is Limit 1).

Good Luck!!
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Jun 16, 2007
THE PRICE IS INDEED THE LOWEST, BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS SEEMS TO BE an older design, known to be a bit more noisy. but this is the cheapest I've seen it.


Jun 16, 2007
yeah I got that $25off coupon as well. But not sure I need anymore upgrades in computer, maybe buy something else this time around. from all the GCOs in the last 2 months I got 2x500gb HDs, new E2xxx CPUs. So pretty set.