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BGA Cooling

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
Just glanced over an article on BGA cooling, found it informative so I'm posting the link to it:

Basically, BGA cooling is the term they use for putting a fan behind where your CPU sits. They did this by cutting the mb tray and attaching a fan. Results seem to be really good as they reported, idle temps down 7c, load temps down 7c as well. Certainly not bad.

One reason I mention this though, is I know there may be some problems with the Swiftech and the new Alpha 8054s moutning system...not really a problem, but getting the screws off I heard requires removing the mb. But, I guess cutting a hole behind the board on the mb tray would fix that minor issue.

Do you think I could take a 3.25 inch chassi fan and mount it on the medal plate behind your motherboard after you make a good size hole with a filter and fan guard? Im gonna try that
thanks for the idea man
I also agree that that was where most of the "cooling" came from. However, blowing air on your mobo is still blowing air on your mobo. You stick a fan behind it, and you will cool it off. Would be better with a heatsink on the whole mobo though...

Paul ------------ The Mad Hatter (Aug 01, 2001 04:06 p.m.):
To me it seems like it just cooled the therimister and not the cpu. although I would be interested in maybe trying it out.

yes it would be the thermistor. The thermistor is designed to take reading of the air temps in the socket and by using some mathmetical formula determine hte die temp of the CPU. This should serve as yet another reason to never trust in socket readings.
Good point, those were socket thermistor readings weren't they...guess I'm used to the OC.com thermistor-above-cpu-die accurate readings!!

I've got an ASUS P5A socket7 board right here that I'm lookin at. Looks to me like there is a little room for air to escape from the bottom, but not the most. Obviously not air tight, but how much hot air do you think actually gets stuck down in there, and do you think getting rid of it (not quite sure how just yet) would save a degree or two c?