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BH6 mobo question.

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New Member
May 17, 2001
I have a bh6 mobo with a generic slotket running a Celeron 600. My question regards the 'system temp' in the cpu softmenu as well as on hardware sensors monitor. It reads ~44-45 when running at 600. When I bump up the FSB to 100, and the voltage to 2.0 ( only stable at 2.0) I only get 45-46 maybe 47 after heavy use. Where is the sensor for this monitor? Is it reflecting the CPU temp, or is it the whole environment in the box? Is 46 to high? I am using a GORB and I have a case fan pulling cool air in onto the slotket. Unfortunatly the powersupply is also blowing on it.

Thanks for any help.
The BH6 cannot monitor CPU temps, The temp that you are looking at is the temp insede your case as told by a thermal header on the MB...

Hope that helps.
You must have one of the first series ATX case and power supply. They soon changed the specs so that the power supply fan was blowing out. You can pull your power supply out and open it up in order to reverse the fan so that it's no longer blowing heat at the CPU. Sounds like you might need another case fan or two. Those system temps are way too high. Rearrange the wires and flat cables inside your case for better air flow. Try running without the case sides on to see if that helps.
47C case temps are pretty dang hot, I would be wondering what your CPU temps are in there.