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Bidclix banners

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invisible hand

Nov 13, 2003
Vancouver B.C.
Not sure if this is the correct place for this thread.... but it does involve security problems...I think.

What is bidclix banners?

I use msn as my home page, I run zone alarm, use Ad-aware and spybot and I have Norton.

My home page goes white once and a while with the bidclix ad at the very top of the screen. If I exit out of the ad it exits me from msn....

What is this and how do I get rid of it?


Sep 16, 2001
Heres a link about what you are seeing: www.bidclix.net

Heres a link about how to stop it: http://www.4ask.com/more/popup

Its a popup. Someone's paying to have content popped up in your face. Often they do have secondary effects besides distrupting your browsing. Often you are faicilatating this by accepting cookies like: banners.com, bannerspace.com, bannerads.com to name a few.

The link is for popup blockers. There are many to choose from. Don't be discouraged. Some work better than others, some can be downright buggy. I use a pretty agressive one that blocks flash. But I often toggle it off most of the time and use it mostl when viewing news and some informative sites that also have anoying flasshing ads. My firewall blocks a good bit of stuff and certainly anything malicious but popups do serve a purpose as you will see if you start to block them.

I think you could just add bidclix.net www.bidclix.net to your restricted zone in IE\tool\internet options \security and that may just restrict those banners, but im not sure if IE restrected zones work the same as a host deny. You could try that, but Im just throwing it out not knowing if it will work.
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