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big sellection of dc blowers, all makes?

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Oct 31, 2002
I cant help it anymore, i want to migrate to water cooling.... i held my breath for a long time so to speak. just limboing on air, which works, but there is just nothing quite like a water cooled rig to brag about and instill a great feeling of leetness upon yourself.

im currently looking at various heatercore possibilities for my application, I will be building a water cooling system into my super lanboy, which is somewhat challenging due to its small stature and limited space for water coolign elemetns. the front bottom for a radiator for instance is out of the question. the drive bays are rivited to the main chassis. and even if i COULD remove them, i wouldnt. the method of mounting drives is far too convenient to fugger up.

that leaves the 120 mm exaust port directly behind the agp card to paly with XD.

my plans are to cut that grill out, and most of the supporting aluminum nearby to mount a heater core that will range from the standard chevette heater core to a 120x140 mm core from somthing else. there is 120x140 mm of space i can cut out, which is why im looking beyond the commonly use chevy.

what i need, is a blower... a powerful blower ;) I am thinking that i can build a aluminum mounting bracket that will bolt the blower into my drive bays , with two support brackets in the top back and bottom of my case. this is pretty easily doable and i can make a clear plastic duct from the outlet, spanning over my cpu are to the heater core. sooo, i need a blower with no more than 120 mm diameter with a dc motor.

i know some people here use blowers and perhaps some of you might be able to point me in a good direction to find the blower to fit my needs. the outlet doesnt have to come anywhere near the size of the heater core. im thinking that my ducting will have thin flow directing fins in it to help the air expand to cover the entire surface area of the heat exchanger. so a 80x120 mm outlet would work for instance.

any extra input into design would also be greatly appreciated by fellow members. i dont want to spend money unless i have a sound design on paper.