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Big Thank You for all Black Friday WORKERS!!!

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Mar 30, 2003
What a great idea for a thread.

Thank you for getting up early and putting up with the crazy crowds all day!!!


May 2, 2004
Tucson, AZ
saw one of my friends working at compusa. mustve been a pain. anyways, thanks to all who worked on one of the most crazy days of the year.


Aug 8, 2005
Ca, Los Angles
renegade44 said:
just want to thank all of you who worked to make Black Friday possible for all of us who shopped!!!!

From what my co-workers told me:
At my store... a mob ran through the doors and there are suppose to be 2 guys to help control the crowd at this table with all the tickets for those big items (aka: draw items) had approx 200 ppl rushing into the store and running to their table, as my gm yelled something like "NO RAINCHECKS! ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!" which probly enticed the crowd into a hege fervor and chaotic rampage. So one of the guys that was suppose to help "control" the crowd lost control of himself and jumped the counter and ran away! ROFL oh and he was about 2-3 weeks fresh LOL....

I had a few a-hole'd customers, one of indian decent come to me and ask me how to program the tax feature on a calculator. I told him he could just read the instructions that came with it and he insisted that i showed him how to do it b/c he couldnt read english so im like nop cant do that for you. Then hes all like "WHY CANT YOU DO THAT FOR ME!?!?!?!" so i repeat that its in the instructions manual and he claims he cant read english and demands to see a manager. My boss ends up telling him the same thing and the customer gets ****ed off and leaves. Nice guy eh? cant read english? sounds like a personal problem to me.

The second best customer of BF was a senile old fart. He claims he talked a different manager who said he be there in the afternoon. This a-hole asks me to call him so he can deal with him so im like cool i dont have to deal with you. So i ask another coworker if that manager was there and they she said he left for the day cuz he worked the early bird. then i tell him this and hes like "I WANT TO SPEAK TO HIM" so i told him hes not here then hes like "COULD YOU CALL HIM UP HERE!?!" then i say "ok i will page someone who isnt here on the overhead speakers then." So i do that and attend to other customers, then after the 2nd customer i help that *** hat comes back to me and claims i havent called that manager for him. Ill let the rest for you to wonder about. He was a smart guy huh?

other than the usual load of stupid questions for the day it seems like there were less stupid questions than last year. To all customers that acted with grace and fairly decent etiquette, I thank you :cool: you made my day less miserable and im sure of it for all other retail floor workers