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bigger reservoir for bong tower cooling..IDEAS PLZ!!@!#!#!#

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Jun 11, 2001
Union City, CA
i think the pic is pretty self-explanitory. please input if you have any better ideas. i'm just sick of having to refill so much. i'm just gonna take off my endcap and drill some holes into the bottom. whatcha think? any ideas on what to use for the reservoir?
you could use a atomizer ( im not sure if thats exactly what there called) but its basicly the same thing they use to squirt perfume out of th bottles makes a super fine mist

you could have a serius of them running down the side of the pipe

the only problem is that they clog easy and they would take some preasure to get them going and they dont move much watter ( thats why i said have a row of them.)
Why don't you run a hose or pipe that diverts some water flow from a nearby faucet. It doesn't have to hog up the entire water outlet but you can use one of those 'bypass' junctions or thingies that come with most indoor, small-sized water filters. On the end of the pipe at the reservoir side, fit a valve and you can measure and adjust the water going in to make up for the water lost by evaporation and drift (water droplets blown away). This way, you won't need a larger bong (unless your cooling rate is poor) setup.
i could do that but it would make my house look REALLY ugly =). thanks for the ideas guys i think i've made my mind up. atomizer? i dont even know where that came from but thanks for the opinion.
here is the main shaft in more detail

also i was thinking if you had some real time on your hands you could use the same fine myst spray system but reverse the airflow so that the micro droplets get sucked up and stay in the air longer till they colide with another droplet and fall becuae they way to much.

it would take some time and a fan that can be adjusted fairly easly

just my ideas
airflow needs to go the other way i believe, you can always try it though.
which way up or down i can see advantages to both

im leaning towards down becuase it will help slow evaporation
You don't want to slow evaporation. That's what makes the bong work.
yes i understand that

but not uncesacry evaporation like blowing water into the air

you want as much of the cooled water to return to the resivore not blown out the top into the room

i think with some fine fine tune tweaks you could blow the air up and effectivly have the rain stay suppeneded in mid air till colides with another droplet and becomes to heavy to stay suppeneded and fall back but like i siad it would take some time