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Bios editing my xfx 7850 2gb DD, help requested from advanced users.

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Oct 18, 2002
Los Angeles
I have an xfx 7850 2gb dual dissipation edition shown here: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b1757/xfx-double-d-hd-7850-2-gb.html

The only program that I have been able to change the voltage on this card has been sapphire trix.... not even AMD overdrive works! I tried MSI afterburner, ASUS gpu tweak, EVGA precision, Gigabyte OC guru and none work except for sapphire trixx. I used GPU-Z and monitored the sensor tab to look at VDCC while using a stress tester to keep my GPU at 100% utilization so voltage will step up...

The problem with trixx is that the voltage setting gets lost after I hibernate and trixx does not re-set the voltages upon coming out of hibernate so my computer will immediately crash if my OC is set higher than what the stock voltaeg can handle. If you know of a program that will allow for resetting voltages upon resume or through commandline please let me know.

Anyways, I found this program which allows you to alter bios on any 7xxx card: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/vbe7-vbios-editor-for-radeon-hd-7000-series-cards.189089/

I loaded up GPU-Z and downloaded my bios and loaded it in that program. In the powerply tab under state1 and state2 my #0 core VDCC is listed as 1213... yet when i look at stock voltage under GPU-Z it will show 1.059v under 100% load and stock clock and memory settings (Everything stock)....

so why is my bios showing 1213 volts? Also, if i want to alter my bios to run my card at or near 1.3v, would i need to set those settings to 1300? or should i take the difference between the actual #0 core VDCC that is currently set and what GPU-Z is telling me it's running at ( 1213/1059 = 1.145) which is a 14% difference and apply this to my target 1.3v (in CPU-Z it shows 1.27v when I set it to 1300v in Trixx... meaning 1.3 is actually 1.27) so 1270 (the voltage gpu-z reports when set to 1300) x 1.145 (difference between set voltage and what gpu-z reports at stock) = 1454??? 1270x1.145= 1454

So if im modding my bios, should i set the #0 core VDCC to 1300 or 1454?