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Bios flash gone bad!!!

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New Member
Dec 19, 2000
I just tried to flash my Kt7-raid mobo. and it froze up on me so after 1hr. i shut comp. down and restarted and nothing.So i ordered a new chip from BadFlash.com but i was wondering if i could somehow salvage my old bios?
you can take your old bios chip out and take to to someone to reflash it, costs about $4
any good store should be able to do it, thay need a EP-Rom.
PEOPLE, dont flash your bios when your pc overclockt!! turst me on this one!!!!
Yeah, and also don't flash your bios if you live in California during peak electricity use hours :)
Just curios...

When you said ou re-started...do you mean with the bios boot disk, or without. Will it boot to the disk? You should be able to re-flash it. I have saved a few pcs that way. Hope you get in!

The comp. doesn't even boot.I tried with just the hard drive&videocard hooked up,but it doesn't even seek floppy when i power up.Hopefully all will be fine when the new bios chip is installed.THANKS to everyone for your ideas.
if you know someone who has the same mobo, I've heard that it's possible to boot off of their bios chip, take it out, put the bad one in, then flash it again to fix it.

but, thats just my $.02