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Bios flash,temps went up

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Feb 17, 2002
I flashed my kt7a bios .Was yh to 94 my idle temps went from 26c to 34c is this normal. Am running 1200 tb not oced. Runs at 1400 with no problems.SK6 with as2,wk2 pro os.Will run in 40's under load.
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Looks like you were using an older BIOS version that still had the HALT-ON-IDLE active. Bsically what this does is to dercrease the amount of voltage to your CPU for "true idle". The newer updates starting with the 3R & up had this part disabled to promote stability when running at higher clockspeeds. A search in our Cooling & AMD CPUs forums will shows a few threads regarding this new feature but there is a fix for it.
Thanks for the information. I don't think it is a problem I was just wondering why.