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BIOS Help on a Gatway-AMD setup mobo? NEED REVISION

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
i got a gateway setup-the mobo is jabil kadoka-I never heard of it either-but they do have some support for that board at gateway.com buy NO BIOS revisions, i NEED one if anyone can help-there are no FSB settings, No multiplier settings, and NO voltage settings. Id like a BIOS that could at least tell me temps? Can anyone help
NOW I JUST FEEL RETRTED-i just found the oassnp06 BIOS but any newer ones would help( sorry bout so many posts)
Since your KX133 mobo won't run much over 105 MHz anyway, what's the point? To O/C your slot A Athlon you need a GFD, if you can still find one these days.
maybe id i got new BIOS id have a voltage adjustment, or maybe a multiplier adjustment, also id really like a way to check the temps
You're not getting any of that with a Gateway OEM mobo. I picked up an MSI K7T Lite Socket A Gateway OEM for a T-Bird system I built for my daughter. Couldn't pass it up for $39 over on eBay. Pretty solid board (for an AMD platform) with an idiot-proof BIOS. But it'll never have multiplier, FSB, or core voltage adjustments. I has a custom AMI BIOS, while the regular MSI boards have Award BIOS's.

Plus you have a Slot A system. Since there aren't any bridges to connect, you've gotta have a GFD for multiplier adjustments anyway.