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bios install

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New Member
Mar 8, 2002
canton ohio
can some help when trying to install 38 bios flash memory writer says please make sure to set lockout jumpers, it also says warning program chip fail. i have check for jumpers in the manual .think i may have trash mobo. also looking for a length of rope,chair PLEASE HELP!
ah that notorious error i had that too, well are you experiencing problems with the 35 version? also what processor are you using?

your bios is either corrupt (and you need to order a new one from ABit costs $15 and ask them for the 38 version) or your processor is not compatible with the 35 Version and it won't let you flash upgrade because of the processor.
th72 bios

thankyou i have been trying to load 38 are you saying the 35 is on mobo somewhere iam confused. the processir is p-4 1.9 ghz. can you tell me what i need to order, is it the bios chip and where can i order it thank you for help
you can order it from Abit go to their website and find their phone number of technical support that is nearest to you, tell them that you want a new BIOS chip with the 38 version, alternatively you can send them your current one and they'll flash it for you (assuming its not completely corrupt) saving you $5.

anyway why do you need the 38? most of the people who need the 38 have Northwoods, for you it won't make much difference from the 35.
th72 bios

the reason for the attempted upgrade,i would like to get a woody sometime so i thought i would get the #38 bios . what do i need to do befor installing the new bios chip, do i need to change the cmos jumper, still lost tnx.
The "38" BIOS is only for the TH7-II, are you sure that's what you have? Try downloading the correct BIOS upgrade file for your model mobo and the correct flash utility. Make sure the floppy disk you're using is bootable too.