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Bios Problem

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Jan 24, 2002
I have AMI Bios and I have the latest update for it. When I power on it shows my videocard bios then proceeds to the AMI bios. It then pauses for a good 35-40 seconds saying please wait. Finally loading my 2 h/ds and 2 cd-rom drives. Why does it take so long to load these. They are brand new drives and I have even tested other drives and get the same result. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
some boards are just slow to boot up! To try and speed things up, dig around and turn off every device you are not using. Like your parallel ports, serial ports, USB ports, floppy controller, unused IDE controller, just kill anything you aren't using- you can always turn em back on later. Also, disable 'boot up floppy seek', and disable 'boot other device'. Be sure to set your Vid card init and First boot device properly.

That should hopefully shave a few seconds off for you :D
Make sure that your HD's are using Ultra DMA cables and not some old cables you took off some CD-ROM 3 yrs ago. Just go to a store and compare the thin wires from your cable to the ones in the store to see if ur's is UDMA..if they are then make sure they are plugged together correctly..plugging in a harddrive and a cd-rom drive on the same IDE cable is VERY VERY slow...if that is correct, check to see what speed your HD's are..ATA 66? 100?
quick way to check is to pause the screen during bootup when it shows a big box on your screen with a bunch of #'s en stuff..somewhere on there usually on the left side it will say ATA something or other.

hope that fixes ur problem