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bios problem!!!!!!!!

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New Member
Mar 15, 2001
ahhhhhhh, i flashed my bios on GA-7zx-1, i cant boot up, help me!!!!!!!!!
Oopsie. :) Didja push anything, did the power flicker, or go out, did you hit the reset button, did you breath on it wrong? DId you make sure to use the correct file for that board?
no, i flashed it in windows with some crapy program
Doesn't the gigabyte board have dual bios chips? If so, find the jumper that selects the chip and set it to the other one that will get you up and running again. You should be able to find which jumper it is in your manual.
What do you mean used the back up one? I thought the purpose of dual bios chips was if you had a bad flash on one you could go back to your previous bios by changing the jumper and selecting the other chip.