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bios question on GA7DX+

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
Hello all.
I am new to this section as I just picked up on of these boards for $5. Well, I'm not sure I can get it going or not but I have this question...
Could someone explain the 'Dual bios' and what advantages does it have.
I'm not getting much from the gigabyte website and I am in the process of downloading the manual.

Thanks in advance!


Nov 3, 2002
I think it has something to do with a back-up bios. Incase the one you are using craps out, instead of RMAing the board, the backup bios kicks in until that one craps out :)


Sep 22, 2002
Ontario, Canada
If this board's dual BIOS is anything like the one on my 7VRXP (which I'm sure it is) The BIOS's obviously operate completely independently. You can flash your main BIOS with one revision, then if you don't like it, revert over to backup BIOS and copy the back up to main (or vice versa)

It's quite handy, the only thing I don't like is that when you switch BIOS's you lose all your settings. The only way to tell which BIOS you're using is to use the BIOS manager thingy located in BIOS.... If you look at the bottom of the BIOS screen it should say keys for getting into the manager (F something I think)

Hope that helps a little.