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BIOS restricting oc

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New Member
Dec 21, 2003
Surrey, British coulumbia, Canada
Hey my first post, and Im relatively new at oc. I looked at my BIOS yesterday because I was planning on oc my 2.4GHZ to maybe a 2.6GHz, but the bios wouldnt let me change the multiplier or the fsb.

WOuld I have to do a bios flash? and if so, how much risk is there in it?


Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
With Intel you can NEVER increase the multiplier, they lock it. There is NO way of changing it either.

The FSB can always be changed. Although with my P4 willy I had to increase the Vcore before I could even increase it by 1mhz, it was weird.

You have a northwood. The same does no apply.

Is your processor a 2.4c? What motherboard? And what RAM do you have?

How wouldn't it let you change the FSB?

Select "User Define" in the "cpu speed" section in your bios.