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BIOS Update?

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New Member
Apr 2, 2008
I downloaded the newest BIOS from my mobos homesite. It came in a ".bs" ext. What is that?

Also, I'm not really sure how to put it to a "floppy" drive. Would just burning it to a cd work?


May 26, 2003
.bs is probably some arbitrary wrapper extension used by your mobo bios manu. What OS are you using? If XP, right-click your floppy, format, make disk bootable, then drag it to your floppy drive plus the app you need to flash it. Make sure floppy is bootable in the CMOS though. You could make a bootable CD as well. Just google "bootable CD". It's not something you should do if you're not sure of what you're doing and no need to do it unless you're having problems.


Apr 21, 2001
Your mobo manual should explain how to update the bios. And, as usp8riot says, if you're not having trouble, there is no need to update the bios.