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BIOS updates

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Apr 5, 2001
I'm reading posts on "YH" updates for the Abit KT7-RAID board yet it's not at Abit - where would I find such a beast? Thanx.
WyrmMaster (Apr 21, 2001 02:03 a.m.):
Iv heard not to go past the WW update. Hurts overclocking potential.

I'd heard that too, but I couldn't get into my RAID setup before I flashed to wz110b.... I might try flashing to WW and see if that gets me any extra in terms of overclocking.

I've running the WZ right now, personally can't tell any difference from previous versions. Soon I'm going to try the ZH version. Also, I have a savior, so trial and error is not so risky.
My previous KT7A came with WW on it. It had problems with its Northbridge and having tried WW, WZ and YH, it overclocked best with WW, though just barely. When I sent it back for another one, the new KT7A came with YH installed and a different Northbridge chip than the first one. With the new system, I had problems running WW and WZ, when I enabled Fast Command Decode combined with Enhanced CPU. Instant no-post. Leaving Fast Command Decode off, it performed okay with WW and WZ. When I put YH back in, it would allow both Fast Command Decode and Enhanced CPU features without a hitch and I could OC it a little higher. Im not sure what the deal is with the different Northbridge chips and their relation to bios revisions, but there is a definite tie-in there. The first Northbridge chip that would not OC the FSB beyond 133 and performed best with WW had a metal top on it with the printing on the metal top. It might have been a metalized sticker (hiding what?!). The new board had the conventional looking all plastic Northbridge on it, much like the Southbridge. I wonder if, in order to meet demand, exceeding supply, if Abit was using good performing non-A Northbridges and remarking them. Because the board was going back under RMA, I didn't want to see if the top of the Northbridge, was indeed metal or if it was a metalized sticker. Pull your dinky cooler off and see it your Northbridge is an all-plastic one or plastic/metal hybrid. It's a good excuse to put some AS between them anyway.