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biostar boards

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New Member
Dec 18, 2003
wellington, nzl
does anyone know how to change the FSB speeds on biostar motherboards?? Its sposed to be 533 but its 133 and i have no idea on how to go about doing it........ and yes i know that it is changed in BIOS. I want to know how you do it step-by-step.
My board is a biostar U8668 Grand

Lord God


Mar 26, 2003
North America
Pentium 4 chips work on a "quad pumped" bus, meaning that for every clock cycle on the bus, the processor and chipset send and receive data four times. Thus, the effective transmission speed of data is actually four times higher than the actual speed.

Think of it the same way DDR works... Running a DDR memory stick at 200mhz means that the effective speed is 400mhz because it is transmitting and receiving data two times per clock cycle.

Why did I just mumble all of that?

133mhz actual FSB is 533mhz effective (4 x 133 = 533). You're already at the appropriate speed.