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Bitdefender - Auto Renewal Nightmare

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Jul 28, 2004
Basically I bought Bitdefender last year when it was on sale, call it impulse buy. I didn't even activate the product, then Jul of this year I was charged with auto renewal. Below is a copy of chat and email with Bitdefender. Top part is the email I received after my chat below. Next stop, paypal and my bank....again.

Dear Huan ,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this concern.

Please be informed that we have a 30 day refund policy and after checking your
account I have noticed that, unfortunately, you exceeded that period of time
and we cannot issue you a refund for the purchase.

Anyways, I would like to bring to your attention that our support team is at
your disposal to solve the technical issues you are experiencing and at the
end, we would gladly offer you an extension to your current subscription for
the hassle this situation might have caused you.

Best regards,
Endora Ripeanu
Bitdefender Technical Support Engineer
Use Quick Scan: http://quickscan.bitdefender.com

> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Huan Nguyen: Ticket # 201209061025282
> Operating System: Windows 7
> License Key:
> Welcome Huan Nguyen! Please hold while we contact a representative. If
> a representative does not respond in a few seconds, then he/she is not
> available at this time.
> You are now speaking with VITOR of CUSTOMER SERVICE.
> Vitor: Welcome to BitDefender LiveAssistance!, Huan Nguyen! Thank you
> for your interest in our security solution BitDefender.
> Vitor: Hello Huan !
> Vitor: A moment to check the ticket
> Huan Nguyen: Good morning Vitor
> Vitor: I see that you have requested to cancel your automatic renewal
> Vitor: And also for a refund
> Huan Nguyen: The issue is that I was not notify of the auto renewal
> and i didn't even activate the product to begin with. bought it a
> year ago and forgot all about it
> Huan Nguyen: then Jul of this year I got a charge for 123 dollars
> which I thought someone hacked my paypal account to do
> Huan Nguyen: so i put in a dispute with paypal and i thought the
> matter was resolved until the charge was once again placed back on my
> account on 09/05
> Huan Nguyen: so i contacted support yesterday asking about this
> Huan Nguyen: the previous support person said i only have 30 days to
> request refund, but as you can see we are out of that 30 days window
> Vitor: When was the date of the charge ?
> Huan Nguyen: initial charge 07/26/2012, that is when i put in a
> dispute with paypal and my bank. My bank credited me the money and
> initiate a chargeback to paypal, paypal put the charge back on my cc
> 09/05/2012
> Vitor: I understand.
> Vitor: Your request was also sent to the sales department yesterday.
> Vitor: You will receive a response soon
> Huan Nguyen: Any idea on the turn around time for that?
> Vitor: Our response time usually is 24 to 48 hours
> Huan Nguyen: Thank you Vitor, I'll wait to hear from the sales
> department then.
> Vitor: Ok then Huan.
> Vitor: Is there anything more I may be able to assist you with at the
> moment?
> Vitor: Thank you for choosing BitDefender LiveAssistance! Huan Nguyen.
> Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. Goodbye.
> Your party has left this session.


Jul 28, 2004
Talked to PP, it was not them that charge again but the bank that put the charge back.

Talked to the bank, they said nothing they can do now since this was done with the previous auto renewal billing agreement. What they can do is credit me $50 and to make sure I cancel the auto agreement with Bitdefender. I took that deal, better than nothing at this point.

Moral of the story is, be careful that you click agree on the payment page of any transaction. I know that is common sense but how many of us read through the entire thing before we click continue or accept. Oh, that and screw bitdefender.


Dec 31, 2011
You have a strong case to dispute, even if you agree for autorenewal, your original subscription should not expire until certain time(lets say 1 year)after you activate the product. If you have not ever used the keys yet, there is no need of renewal.
For example if you buy a licence for 1 year, that means you can run it for 1 year (365 days) before it expires.
and autorenewal should not go until your subscription is about to expire.
Ask them once again, when the product was activated and when the subscription expired to clcik autorenewal??? ask them the exact date.
If you had once used or activated and then uninstalled from the system and forgot it, thats completely different story and you are in soup,