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Bizarre X670E pci-e issues

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Oct 25, 2012
Long time no see.

So I have an issue I cannot seem to fix. I believe it is due to the nature of x670e having two chipsets, or just a fault with this particular motherboard line.

My system is under modern in my signature. I've been overall happy with its performance but it has a number of quirks and flaws. I chose this motherboard, the x670e aorus master because it has very few resource conflicts, Two additional pcie slots that will fit under a 4 slot GPU, among other unique features for x670e boards.

My pcie setup is a 4090 in the top slot, a pcie 5 ssd in the top m.2 slot and 2x pcie 4 m.2 ssds in the next two m.2 slots with the last one empty.
The second pcie slot has a LSI SAS 9211-8i SAS card which I use for extra SATA ports because I am a bit of a datahoarder and no consumer motherboard has enough. It goes to a SAS expander which allows me to have 13 HDDs connected. It's running at x4 because that's what the slot is wired for, but the card itself is pcie x8 2.0. I was told by mulitple sources that this should be fine. A max of 2 of the drives are transfering data at any time, in any case.

The last PCIE slot, an x2 slot has a Happauge Colossus 2 capture card. This slot shares bandwith with the last two sata ports which of course I have empty because the SAS card has all the SATA i'll ever need.

Now to the problem, once in every blue moon my computer will lag and lock up HARD. It's as if you ran an extremely intense CPU benchmark and tried to do other things at the same time. Cursor lags, menu lags, people's voices on discord become distorted and laggy, my internet loses connection, and most interestingly, my drives I have connected to the SAS card disappear from Windows Explorer. The SAS card itself still shows in device mananger. The Happauge Colossus does not. Sometimes the computer recovers from the crash, other times it has to be soft restarted.

When I restart the computer, the SAS card's drives reappear.

What is going on here? I've been updating BIOS at every new (non-beta) release with no fix. I have tried another SAS card and it behaves the same way so I don't believe its a faulty card. I'm believing its the fact that x670e has two chipsets and this is causing some weird incompatibility. I am going to start by leaving out the Happauge for a while and see if this rectifies the issue, though I doubt it since I ran a similar setup on a Z690 board without issue.

Does anyone else have any oddball PCI-e cards you've been using with x670e with issues? At a loss. Thanks a ton.
I would ask Gigabyte about it, but I bet they say that your cards are not on the supported devices list and won't help. It's still worth trying, as maybe someone will have a different idea.

I'm not surprised there is a problem, as these motherboards sometimes act weirdly, and it's not a matter of a used chipset. I have the B650E Master, and I picked it because it has better PCIe lane distribution than the X670E Master for my needs. However, these motherboards can have different issues depending on batches (even the same PCB revision). Some users complain at weird compatibility/stability issues, while most have no problems ... but some of the reported issues are repeatable.

I would disable additional devices in BIOS that you don't use like additional USB ports, audio (I guess can live without it for a while), SATA ports (even though they're not in use), and everything else that may share resources.
I would also check if it happens when you remove the RTX4090, install the SAS card into the first slot, and run some heavy tasks on the integrated graphics.