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bleed kits

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Mar 19, 2001
i love the looks of the swifttech bleed kit. i havent been able to find the right valves at lowes or home depot here locally and swifttech is 2 to 3 weeks behind with their kit. i found one site that sold the quick connect fittings but i really don't need 10 of each. =) i guess i need to keep looking but i'm wondering what you guys are doing to bleed the air from your systems? i'm using an inline eheim pump.
Don't spend a bunch on a bleed kit. Just add a tee to the return to your pump. Attach a length of tubing to the tee with a valve. Open the valve to prime the pump when filling and close it when water comes out. This also makes for a handy way to drain most of the coolant from your system.

Here's an old pic of my system. While some of it has changed, the basics I have described are there. Note there is a small reservoir on top of the radiator. I am sure there are other ways to do this, but this has worked well for me. The bleed valve is covered with foam tucked in to the right of the pump.

what's the resevoir for? to fill the system with coolant? do you just keep adding coolant at the resevoir with another valve up there? what about another t with a valve and a tube into a milk carton?
No extra valves. The reservoir just makes it easy to add coolant and allows air bubbles to escape for bleeding. You could do the same thing with a filler tube. A reservoir is handy for placing a thermistor without impeading coolant flow.