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bleed valve

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Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
Im going to add a bleed valve to my current set up. I'm also going to use it for refilling and draining of the system. Can some of you guys post some pics or links so I can get some ideas. I''m one of those visual learners.
Also if anyone has any do or don'ts, don't be shy. My room mate tells me that the water is going to shoot out to bleed valve tube is there any truth to this??? I know its possible, but I thought there would have to be a lot of pressure to do so.
thanks in advance for you insights.
To me, a bleed and a drain valve are two different animals. In the case of a bleed valve, I assume you mean for burping air out of your system, that is something I would put up at the highest point in my system. In the case of a drain, I assume you mean for removing fluid from your system, that is something I would put down in the lowest point in my system. In my particular case, I do not have a drain valve. I just pull off a lower hose, not that I've needed to drain my entire system since it went on line about 3 months ago. I do use a bleed setup, but not a valve. I have a Tee installed up high in my loop. Coming off the center of the Tee is a short length of tubing pointed up, with an end cap on it. Through that stub, I can add fluid as needed and it forms a trap for air, as long as I keep it filled above the lateral part of the Tee.

Here's a picture of my setup.


I use 3 valves for my setup. It takes up more room in the case but I find it easy to use.

Info on the pic.

The top valve is use to bleed the air out and the bottom to fill. I place a 3/8" hose on each valve and run it into a bucket. The middle valve controls the flow to the other 2 valves and is closed during this.

When all air is out of the setup I open the middle valve and close the other 2 and thats it.
OK I see what your saying Hoot. But how come you suggest I don't put both the dain and bleed being through the same tube. They would be connected to the bottom most tube. Can it not be just as simple as it drain=pointed down and bleed/refil= pointed up. The reason im being stubborn on this, b/c With 2 prossessors I'm kinda short on room at the top of my case. Its a mini tower and it looks like i will have to start from scratch to get a tube up there.

Crappy how long did it take you to put all that together looks pretty cool.

here is a pic of what I have. its off of a web cam so sorry about the quality. The bottom line from the pump is the one i want to put the bleeder on.
From what I can see in your pic there you don't need a bleed valve.

If you were to put it in the bottom it will work for getting the water out of your setup, but will not work as a trap for air. The pressure will push the water right up to the top. Somewhat like in the pic I made.

The air will alway try to find the highest point in you system.
you dont need a bleed valve when you have a rez, all the air just goes in there... and to drain the setup, what i did is i removed the block then took it all out of my computer and stuck it over the bath tub and let a hose loose! it works great.....
alright cool thanks guys. I already went out and bought the stuff, so I am going to make a drain tube just for fun and convienience.

thanks for the help