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Bloodrage Overclock Thread 2010

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New Member
Jan 2, 2010
I know its getting slightly old now but the Bloodrage is still an exceptional board that can run the i7's at great speeds and most of the information around the web is for older settings and most of the threads are inactive. So now that everyones had time to get out the kinks lets see what the highest OCs were on the latest Bloodrage Bios P09,G25,G29-30 for i9, and the Voltages & Temps. Everyone should of been able to reach 4.20 GHz I think, using the (Hard Mod) or without

Anyone know if there will be a P10? Or is Bloodrage support dead

I myself have a i7 920 D0 @ 4.3 GHz P09 Bios

1.296 Vcore in CPU-Z

Temps Idle: 33-42
Temps Load: 73-82

Running Prime, and it depends on current room Tempº

RAM= Mushkin Redline Ascent 6-7-6-18 1600 @ 1.65V
I have the RAM V cranked to 1.71 and Stock Timings

I want to push the board.....I know it can reach 4.5 GHz somehow but I seem to have a wall at 210 BCLK. So far alot of tinkering has not gotten me past 4.4 GHz. It runs prime a bit but always crashes. What are safe temps to hit with RealTemp while running Prime?? If I hit in the 80's by cranking Vcore higher then I want to I might reach 4.5+ I have a poor liquid cooling setup so I dont want to fry anything yet. Im hoping enough people still mess with this that we can get everyone running at 4.4 Ghz for i7 920's and also other i7s or Bloodrage supported CPUs.

I will take screens later on for a more in depth look at other voltages settings if others actually reply to this


New Member
Mar 26, 2009
4.44GHz is my highest so far with turbo enabled