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Xtreme refugee
Aug 1, 2002
Anyone played this game yet on anything it looks awesome and enjoyable kinda like a female hitman game? IF so what is it like
I've played it on my friends Xbox and its pretty sweet but I didn't have enough time to really get into it...
I played the PS2 version and I liked it a lot. It kinda reminded me of Blood Omen and Devil May Cry. The story was decent and the controls were easy to learn.
Is this the same game which is supposed to kick Max Payen's butt out to mars ? in one of the thread someone was mentioning about a game which is going to be some what like Max Payne but much much better can't remember the name though
I played it (have the demo) on my x-box and i didnt really like it. It was okay, but not my kinda game
actually the game that you are thinking about that is to kick max paynes butt is dead to rights and it looks good
There is no way that dead to rights kicks max paynes butt. I have played it on the xbox and its more like part syphoon filter 1 with slow-mo part mindless fighting game that punch, punch, punch is the best and only move you need to do. Still a good game but not as good max.
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that would be the only game i could think of that would come close bloodrayne looks good, but max payne ruled