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Feb 14, 2003
Southeast US
I dunno which platform was the original, but there are PS2/XBox/PC ports.

This game is sweet. You play a total hottified vampire chick who gets to lay waste to all sorts of zombies, monsters, and nazis. You can slice them, dice them, shoot them, explode them, or drink their vital fluids if you're needing a refreshing health boost.

Three thumbs up!
Well, I *think* it hit the 2 consoles first, and then the PC, and from the looks of it, it's more of a console game anyways, I'll probably rent it sometime, or d/l the PC demo just to see how it is.
It hasn't hit the PC yet. Probably next month. I played the PC demo and I thought it was pretty cool. The engine seemed to need a lot of work though so I think that is why the PC release was pushed off.
I've played it on both PS/2 (full version) and the PC demo, and I like them both. It's one of the few ports-to-pc that allows good key remapping, to any mouse button, etc. Camera stays behind the character instead of aimlessly trying to keep up, etc.

In other words, the console genes in the soup don't prevent it from being a good PC play.
I will have to check this out. Is there any sort of story though, and if so, how deep is it. I like games that keep you wanting to play, rather than just try to keep you killing for no apparent reason.
Im waiting for it on the pc =) it looks awsome, graphics were great on the demo too =) lots of fun. A bit to easy, even on hard thou.
It gets tougher, believe me. The first few levels in the swamp / Louisiana are fairly easy. Later in the game, the level designers make masterful use of environment to really give you a hard time.

Fish in a barrel, and your name is Fishy McTarget.
Yeah. I love how blood spurts actually leave marks on the ground, and all the blood effects. I love cutting peoples heads in half with her kick @$$ blady things!
I have it preorfdered, might be worth it just to see her jump all the time, plus it's hella fun.
I'm gonna have to get this game... sounds very...... interesting, and fun and kinda sexy!

I always wondered... if I was given the chance to be a Vampire... would I take it? What about you?
I dunno, but it's fun to hit her 'bloodrage' button and just go crazy on people in game.

It's like, you're standing there as BloodRayne, sort of mad (blood rage meter filled)

then you hit the button

Then you're flitting around as Lady McCuisinartGinsuFreak.

Word of the day? Frappe.
The last time I d/led the demo, it was like, textureless. I thought it was to decrease download size, but maybe I was wrong. The walls and stuff all looked purple, or something.