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BLORB on KT133 or alternative

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Jun 11, 2001
Union City, CA
hrmm. my system temp on my VIA HM monitor on my KT7 is 30c/86f w/ an old power supply fan in front of it. can anyone tell me if the BLORB will do a good job cooling my northbridge? i read an article that said northbridge cooling is necessary for FSB OCin'. im now at 115*9.5 = 1093 mhz(duron 850) . i'm wondering if a BLORB will help me OC my FSB more, or will it fit? any alternatives? i dont have money right now for watercooling the northbridge so does anyone know if i should get a blorb or a system cooler?
115 is very good, you are lucky. I had a blorb and It did me no better than standard. Just installed a 50mm X 50mm HSF for a socket 370 and it is nice, well better. Remove stock heatsink, use holes as template, (two sinks face to face). Drill and tap to 2-56 and screw from back with some paper/plastic washers and two machine screws. That's how to get good cooling but there is alot of experience out there that will tell you the chance of getting anything more than 115 is very rare.
A Blue Orb is nice IF and Only IF you lap it first. Trust me, those things don't come with a smooth finish. When my Dow Corning Conformal Coating arrives, i'm going to disassemble my system and put one a copper HSF on my northbridge with AS Thermal Epoxy, it looks like the best chipset cooler you can buy to me.