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Blowhole w/fan

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Jan 26, 2002
NH Biodiesel master
Can anyone tell me if a blowhole with an 80 mm fan in the top of my case will help my internal case temps? I am trying to get a little better cooling without going watercooled.
it depends, i think if you have an even amount of input and output fans that will help(im not sure though), also a little bit of info, a short pringles can is the right diameter for an 80mm
that is one big a$5 fan twyst! id be scared around that thing
cuz i like all of my fingers. how is the noise on that?
Not my site starfox, but I do have a 120mm fan as my blowhole. It's pretty quiet actually. I alos took an old porch screen and cut out a makeshift filter and attached a 120mm fan grill tot he top, stops me from putting my fingers in it when I reach for my coke and stops it from sucking in one of my cats tails :). I'll check and see what fan it is exactly (I can't remember) and post back with the actual CFM speed and Db.

EDIT: Here's a link for that fan sorry to use the same site, but I buy alot of stuff from him/her (?). He's based in FL I think so it gets to me almost next day on Fedex's cheapest shipping :)

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The results of a blowhole are really going to depend on the layout of your case. If you have the room at the top rear, you are better off putting your exhaust fan there