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Blue screen of death.

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Feb 6, 2002
Seattle, Washington
Hi, I have an Amd T-bird [email protected], and an abit kt7a mobo with a kt133a chipset. For some reason, i suddenly get blue screens at random times when im on the comp. The blue screen shows a driver name. Its strange because everytime its a different driver. sometimes its graphics card, sometimes usb, sometimes sound card. could someone please tell me what is wrong? Its quite strange. Thank you.

Your system is unstable. Usually a processor problem. If the temperature of the processor under load is less than 40C, increase the voltage of the processor. If the load temperature is over 50C, get new cooling. If it is between 40C and 50C, try both.
Also, try less agressive memory settings: Lower bus speeds, higher cas latency, etc. These are the kind of problem you get when you overclock a little too far. I think your processor should be able to do more than that, though.
Of course this could also be due to the fact that you are running a version of windows.:)
If this still happens at stock speed, then you'll need to reinstall windows to correct it.
OK thanx

ok ill try to raise the voltage. My idle temp is 32/18, and my full load is 45 i think. Right now im @ 1.8 volts. Shall i try and make it 1.85?

Thanx for your help.

Go for it! 1.85 shouldn't hurt it.

What motherboard are you using?
How many watts is your power supply? You most likely need at least 300W.