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Bluetooth headphones or earbuds recommendations

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Señor Senior Member
May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
I'm looking for earbuds (never had earbuds) or a headset like this one:

headset .jpg

I've bought a couple of these, super cheap, but super picky about connecting. But I like this particular design configuration. I'd actually prefer this type, although I'm open to trying some actual earbuds.

Several months ago I bought a headset like this:


I'm not fond of this type, sound is OK, but they are awkward, uncomfortable and the earpieces don't fit securely.

So for me comfort and ease of use is important, connectivity is essential, I'm getting tired of messing with BT issues. Never had earbuds but am willing to buy, price <100 would be ideal. ;)
I probably haven't looked at ALL the BT audio devices available yet(close) but seems to be such a minefield of uncertainty. If I thought for one minute that price would guarantee quality, I'd have the best, most comfortable, easy connecting and longest lasting battery life a BT device could offer.
Those look interesting. I wonder how they sound.... particularly with bass/low end reproduction...
OK I'm rolling the dice and pulling the trigger on:

AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

I've heard of the bone conduction technology, might be just the ticket if I ever get the hearing aids from the V.A.
O.K., received this headset this afternoon...I'm impressed! Sound is good, controls are easy, headband is comfortable and manageable. No more uncomfortable earbud mis-fit, the sound vibration against the bone right in front of the ear canal can be felt, but it isn't unpleasant.

I give the AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones a 5 of 5 rating!