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Bluetooth headset, Mic or Sound works but not at the same time

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Jan 13, 2005
So yea this is something interesting, something that should seem pretty straight forward.
Starting off i'll say its windows 10 up to date, JBL 750 BTNC headset, and an intel ax200 wifi/bluetooth combo NIC, all drivers installed/updated.

I dont get this, any other headset i've dealt with in the past, in my old job, was pair and go. heres how to adjust your levels if you need to etc.

these things... i can either get good stereo sound with no mic or i can get the mic to work with no sound but neither at the same time.
I've ruled out the headset being the issue, i can get them both to work on other devices (phones and tablets etc), i've also told windows to allow the use of the microphone in settings, even gone into group policy to force allow use of the microphone in settings too. still nothing. i've gone through and tried every variable in the audio settings in both the new and old control panel. still nothing.

whats interesting is if i use the old sound control panel and i click on the recording tab, it takes a second for the VU meter next to it to show up and the instant it does my sound stops (if i have something going in the background to test) i click back to the playback tab and my sound comes back.

i'm mainly trying to use this for communications in games until i get my own place and i can find my crap since i'm in a "sound sensitive" house right now it'd be nice to be able to use these.

any thoughts?
I had something close with a USB Bluetooth 5 dongle and my DOQAUS headset, I had to go to the sound settings, show disconnected and disabled devices and force switch headset to headphones, and then go to recording and force it on as well. This also improved the quality from radio (why?) to 16bit 441000hz.
thats whats strange, i can do that but only one works at a time
I assume Bluetooth driver shenanigans :shrug: my headset is meant to be used with a separate cable with Windows, although it works perfectly well wireless with my phones, kids tablet and console (regardless of brand).