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Bluetoothspeaker V2 - louder, bigger, better

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Aug 20, 2023

even the project is planned since 2 years, nevertheless its almost finish and I found time aside testing the new CPU waterblock Liquid Extasy No. UNO Rev. 3 and No. UNO 75. 2 years ago I have built a smaller bluetoothspeaker with 3” sub and one piece of 4” passiveradiator. The result was not that bad but I need it louder. So I choosed a 5” sub from Omnes Audio. The SW 5.01. Combined with a 4” Coax / Sb Acoustic 4“ SB12PACR25-4-COAX) it should be an acceptable combination. Thank at this place to Sb Acoustic for the sponsoring of the passive radiators and the coax.

The electronic is the same like in the bluetoothspeaker V1. China 2.1 amp with Bluetooth and the DSP is a Tinyshine TSA1701. The battery have built a friend of 18650, 12 pieces with around 30.000mAh. The Simulation calls me around 40hz @-3db. Not that bad for such small speaker. Weight: Around 12 kilos and dimensions ~ 35x25cm. The feets has an angle of 7° so that the coax does not radiate onto the table.

I will use the speaker in my mounting room for Liquid Extasy Waterblocks. I was a little bit worried about the volume of the 4” Coax, coz 2 liters r a little bit small. But its ok. The cut off of the subwoofer is a little bit higher. Its fine. I miss nothing even in lowbass.

The cutoff at the subwoofer in the DSP is at 38hz coz this frequency in small rooms is useless. So I earned some gain/level. (sorry for my bad english hehe). But in the middle I need a big adjustment at the coax from 200-3000hz up to 10db. Its much. The reason why is the crossover. It fits not perfect to the speaker especially with a random housingfront. Usually, if u develop a speaker u test some crossovervariations and some housingfronts and measure and adjust the crossover and/or the housing. But in this case, the optic is more important. Even it’s a partybox and nothing for excellent sound. For this part I have my LIA AMT. Compared to what u could buy in an electronicstore, the speaker is very good (Bose/Sonos)

The Bluetoothspeaker sounds not that bad. The tweeter is not that smooth like the LIA Amt. The kick is very hard compared to the membranesurface even in the end we have 260mm² membranesurface -> 9” subwoofer. The snares sounds not that hard like the Pico Lino 3 and the characteristic is like the Mimir. In the deep areas, iam used to it coz I had a project with the SW5.01 already. But the sub with passiveradiator is easier to place. Coz a vented case makes some problems sometimes. It depends of the room and the placement of the subwoofer.

The speaker is a cute nice partybox, but nothing for high end feelings. But for the price its unbelievable. The coax cost just 60€ and the audaphonparts of the crossover around 50€. The speaker stays at my friend actually who built the battery. He will care about it coz I have less time. Actually I must focus to my waterblocks.

Thank u for ur attention and best regards Marc






























Me too hehe

Yesterday i got the speaker back of my friend. He installed the battery and made a soundcheck. He is impressed. Me too except the tweeter. The crossover has a problem. The factory provide a wrong crossover. The tweeter is too pithily. I have 2 options. Change the resistor, or adjust the dsp. Naja, of course I choose the way with the DSP. Hehe. I made some pix of the hardware and will show u what u have to do if u work with a DSP ( Digital Sound Processor)

The next project in 2025 or 2026 will be a big partybox. Around 80x25x20cm with a 6inch Subwoofer and 2 passivradators and a 4inch fullrangespeaker from Tang Band. I still have a DSP and an AMP and 2 cows for the finish. The battery will have a capacity of twice of this battery in this project. The source of the battery will be my friend again. Its necessary coz a 6inch woofer and a 4inch fullrangespeaker being more hungry that his smaller brothers.


Programming the DSP:

BMS fort he battery:


Link to the DSP:
I used this tutorial to programming the DSP and it works fine. 15-20minutes and u will be done.

looks great!
Are you using a single channel DSP or dual? i was going to say toss the XO and have the DSP be the XO. that way you can better control the roll off rate and you do not have to worry about phase alignment. though i am assuming they put a 1st order xo on there in which case the phase alignment wouldn't matter.

just wondering, have you seen the DINA's or seen hexibase's waveguided 2.5in driver from Dayton belting out some lows?
then hexibase, his videos tend to hit both audiences audio and 3d printing.
Hi, interesting projects. But i will not use 2" Subwoofers coz udont have ultradeepbass.
The W3 is pretty good. The simulation told hiom 40hz@-3db. That is what a subwoofer have to provide. The 2" woofer cant provide even 50hz.
If i were this guy, i would choose also passiveradiators for more deep bass. Its not price, and no extraeffort to installe the radiators. It worth.
Check my Bluetoothspeakerproject V1. I used the W3 and the passivradator in a 1,8l housing.