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Bong watercooling

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Mar 28, 2001
SLC, Utah
Ok, here is the deal. I am doing a watercooling system, and want to keep my water temps at room temp. I have seen many variations of evaporative-type watercooling, but nothing that blows me away. I have seen the 4 foot tall one, the 2 foot tall one with the coil, and another which is like 1 foot tall and doesn't make any sense to me how it works. I want to build something that doesn't make my room too incredibly humid (I'm going to be in a dorm with a roommate) and does the job effectively and quietly. Is there any article out there, or is my best bet with a radiator?

P.S. I'm a cheap son of a gun, so anything over like $40 is bad.
Try looking at this site for technical info on the evaporative cooling tower before coming to the conclusion that height affects performance...
My bong setup only cost me US$45, including the homemade waterblock. It's actually US$5 cheaper if you consider than some of the material like hoses, aluminium plate, epoxy, sealant were only used slighty and could be used again for other purposes.