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Booting anamoly with ECS K7S5A

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Nov 17, 2002
Booting anomaly with ECS K7S5A

Just completed building new computer using k7s5a and AMD XP1800 with 350w power supply, 512 kingston 266DDR, 80 gig IMB deskstar hard drive and Radeon 7000 64 meg agp video card. My problem is after sitting all night the computer will only boot to the point of counting memory and recognizing primary and secondary devices and then screen just goes blank and it will not load opreating system (Windows XP Professional). I must push the reset button and then it boots completely and without problem. I can shut the computer down anytime throughout the day and it restarts normally. Only after it is down for a period of time, say 6 hours or so, is it a problem. I formatted as fat32 prior to loading Windows XP and primary partition was active. Any Ideas would be appreciated.
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Jan 24, 2002
Do you have any of the power saving options checked, like system or HD Shutdown? not really sure which one they are but they are in the screensaver power options.


Sep 10, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA
Try replacing the battery. I've read a few places that these were shipped with weak batteries.

Also, if you can get it into bios, check the voltages. I know you are running a 350w psu, so was I. Mine wouldn't post with any card in the PCI slot. When I changed the PSU, it booted up fine. These board are power hungry, and they require a "pump" at first startup.

My guess as to why it booted OK after sitting was that the Caps on the MOBO were already charged, when you hit the reset button, it didn't need the extra charge to them, and it was ok..

Just my 2 cents..I use one of these boards (and have used the PC Chips "equivelant" which sucked) and only had that one problem.

Akumu X

Dec 24, 2000
Near Pittsburgh
I've said it before in the other thread.
One of my friends runs a K7S5A with his generic 300w on a 750 T-Bird and cool, the other now has a 450w PSU (with 28A on the 3.3 rail which ECS say you might want to have on their site) and he still gets the black screen after his mem test.

I hope for his sake the battery is the problem, cuz this is ****ing him off and thus ****ing me off. And no...it isn't the power settings in windows...windows doesn't even get to load up. Try a new PSU man...if not, I dun know what to say.


Oct 30, 2001
Albany, New York
I've always had that problem with XP home. It doesn't happen to me when I run the fsb at 138 with the overclocking bios at ocworkbench, thats the primary reason I run this board out of spec at all. When I run at 133 the OS just stops loading and then I have to hit reset and tell the windows boot menu to start normally, restarts always work fine at any speed.



Dec 9, 2002
UK, England
post problems

I have teh post problem exactly to urs. It was my NIC (a neatgear 100Mb). I removed this and it boots OK but still not at full speed (2100) only at 1500XP with 100/100 CPU Fequ and mem settings. I have a 400watt psu!