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Booting Problem with K7T Pro2-A (MS-6330) ...HELP!

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New Member
Jan 25, 2001
I just got this Motherboard and haven't even gotten to overclocking yet. I've got everything installed but after the first time I shutdown Win ME, I can't boot. (Unless I stage it and skip the step for loading the VNETBIOS). I get the following blue screen message:

"An exception 0D Has occurred at 0028:C00610CD in VxD VNETBIOS(01) + 00000B8D. This is called from 0028:C023F58B in VxD VMM(0C) + 0000058B."

I have a:
900MHZ T/B AMD Pro.
256MB PC133mhz Memory
16mb voodoo3 PCI video
Soundblaster sound card (disabled the onboard sound).

Can anyone help?
I don't have a direct answer to your problems, but I do remember others having trouble with this MB when running TB 900. DId you try booting up without the sound card installed. I built severl P3 systems that choked on a windows install when the sB live was initially installed. I ended up setting up everything, minus the SB live, with the initial Windows install. Only later did I install the SB Live, and then immediately installed the updated driver. Try booting up without the SB Live installed and see if that's helpful.
Hey loppd,
Open your case up and make sure you have your sound card in slot pci3,
then start up and go into bios and double check you have everything that has to do with onboard audio turned off, then under advanced chipset features I believe make sure that assign irq to VGA or AGP is disabled, hopefully this helps and if it does work go get the ne OC bios at msi's website.
nutdun is right. I got sound setting auto mode in bios and got both mobo sound and sound blaster install and working great if the sound card is in slot 3.
I can choose which driver for sound drive then that sound is enable inside windows. now I have both headphone and sound blaster live 4 speaker working
hee hee ....
This may be good to file away for future reference. His problem was the vnetbiod.vxd file which he needs to run his LAN.