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Bought a Leadtek GF2 Ultra - did I make the right decision?

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Apr 13, 2001
I'm building a new PC. Just bought a Epox 8k7a DDR mb, 256MB Crucial PC2100, 1.2 Ghz Tbird (hopefully AXIA & unlocked). I also needed a new video card to replace my Geforce 256 SDR. I was uncertain because of rumors of GF3 price cuts. But I need the new card this week. Can't wait any longer. I couldn't decide between getting something cheap like a GF2 GTS for $120 and waiting to see what happens with the GF3 or just getting the Leadtek GF2 Ultra for $244 from newegg.com which I've been considering for a week now. I'm not willing to spend another $100 for the GF3 now (its new and overpriced). I like high res, 32 bit color and lots of eye candy so there is no question the GF2 Ultra can deliver but I'm still uncertain about my decision to buy the Leadtek from newegg.

Did I make the right decision?
Oops! Sorry about the double post. I didn't think the first one registered.
your description is what the GF3 is, so i think use that old GeForce SDR for a little while longer, and wait, the GF3's are falling like a stone and shoudl keep falling. give it 1 more month,