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Bought a new case, gimme some inspiration! (pics inside!)

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Nov 1, 2001
Hey all,

i been a member here fo a while but i never actually got into moddin etc, or clocking for that matter.

I recently bought a new case, £50 it cost me, not too bad.

It looks quite nice as it is, but im just looking to do a few things to make it look better.

I dont wanna paint, or do anythin like that, maybe some cathodes etc. I dont know what, also, fans etc, any comments or help u could give me, looking at my mobo/case etc what would u say i need???

please help.

thx in advance.


ive seen those cases about at the computer fairs, i think it would b nice with a cold cathode, and maybe fill those fan spaces in the back for better cooling.
thats where i got it from :) Computer fair, in britol actually, going there on november the 17th, to get myself a new amd mobo and a XP2600 :D!

what do u think of the case....aint too bad is it?
Lets see.. off the top of my head I can see:

Put some exaust fans in the back of the case (80mm I think)(and front intake if it has the space)

Along the same lines, break out the dremel and cut out the fan vents. they restrict air flow, and get yourself some fan grills for the holes, as case fans are hungry for fingers... (you'll thank me the first time you go to shift your case and rest a finger or two on the fan grill!!)

Get some plastic wire loom for your power cable and that up a little for better air flow. Also tuck away unused cables behind power supply and/or CDROM drive and/or mobo..

Now that it is pretty, you need a CC tube. Your choice of color. Locate it so that it lights the interior evenly, unless you want multiple colors, then I would put one up high and the other down low. (Hint: I use the thin magnet strips with the adhesive on the back. Adhere it to the tube then put the magnet side on your removable door. It lets you shift the tube around and test the position, and the magnet is so small (and weak) that it won't hurt anything inside..) I like mine mounted where you can't see the actual tube.. use it for "ambiant lighting" instead of direct lighting..

Make little feet for the bottom of the case to lift it about 1" to 1.5" off the table and put EL wire underneith to give it a "floating" effect. Paint the feet black and put the EL wire around the outside of the feet to avoid casting shadows outside the perimiter of the case. (or use clear acrilic (sp) tubing for this purpose)

Those are some of my suggestions.. hope they help. That is a nice looking case. I've looked at that a few times at our computer show.. It looks nice with a blue CC, and I think the CC also lights the plexi/lexan front cover of that too. Nice effect... (I've only seen it with blue, that is the "color of choice anymore" go with whatever you like. Try green or purple, or combo....

Good luck and I hope I was a little help..
thx for ure help guys, good idea....i think i will deffo go with trhat blue cathode...

yea....when the light shines on the front it lights them plexi glass bits up and gives the illusion i have a light lighting them up! looks cool.
How is that case anyway? I know it doesn't have a removable tray for the MOBO. Is it roomy, easy to work with? Is it sturdy? Can you give us a little info on it, maybe a mini review? How are the PCI cards held in (screws or locking plate?)

I have looked at similar cases (as I mentioned before) but didn't look at it real hard. I want to know it will be better than my POS case I have now (it flexes and twists when I pick it up (since I cut the rivits holding the top on to paint it...)
Heres my review then.

Ok firstly, nope, it doesnt have a removeable mobo tray, some people might think thats bad, some not. Depends on if you see them as a necessitie is a luxurie (didnt spell any of them right lol) i myself dont really need one so im not bothered.

Ok, well room. Its got plenty, its nice and airy inside plenty of room for expenasion water cooling if you wanted to. The back has space for two extra fans which is always a plus. Inside it has a space for expansion, theres loads of room for them hard drives if you have raid! Its well constructed inside and strong.

As for the pic slots etc, they are screw in, but, who cares? Do you really need clip-in ones? Well i dont anywayz....

It comes with a window, doesnt look too bad, which has a place for a fan too (fan comes with it, a zalman) so basically u can start to put them cathodes in there coz it will look good with the window, thats what im gonna do!

Its all silver, which is quite slick anywayz, looks good. At the front the panels are flexi plastic stuff, which looks cool. In some lights they appear to be lit up, from diff angles they appear more blue or clear. Looks nice.

4 trays for cdroms etc, two for floppy etc.

The on off button is nice, its a decent looking button with a nice bright blue light shining from behind it, looks trick. Thats the same with the reset button too.

Hdd light is Bright red.

At the bottom of the frint panel there is a usb card with jacks for headphones and mic, clever and u get all this with the case.

its a good case for ventilation, behinf the front plate there is another bit for a big big fan. Good good.

mobo went in nicely, fitted perfectly.

U get a 300W psu with it, witch is a plus, p4 etc ready.

Its a sturdy strong and good looking case for not alot of money!


This is my rushed revioew coz i gotta go out in a min.

All ure comments would be appreciated.

Any questions bout the case??? Just ask
Hack a big 120mm hole in the front of the case where that dumb blue button is.

Recloate the power switch to someplace stealth, so no one can find it :D

Replace that fan in the center of the window with one of the silly colored ones.

If you really get into it, and have an urge for cutting, a top window is always sweet.