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Bought a used Video Card

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New Member
Nov 3, 2022
Bought this Video Card on EBay EVGa 3080 but has rust and oxidation on it makes me think it was used in sub optimal environment.. do you think it’s a warning I should return? Or is this normal?


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Do you see any of that on the PCB for the card? If not, I'd say go for it...maybe it was used in a beach front apartment, lol.
yea i'd be curious as to where it came from too

either way though i'd probably return it. i would pay attention to where a card was located when i was looking to get one and many coastal areas, mainly southern coastal areas..
the one i wound up with came from arizona. I've also heard of idiot miners using window AC units with their equipment, i could see something like this happening in that case
or some kind of slight chem spill on it, ALU does not rust. that could be nickel coated copper, with what ever spilled on it(if it did) would be causing that. now if like the other two said above i agree about that, with it being in a 24/7 AC room with other mining cards. i could see that accelerating rusting. I am still leading with some kind of chem spill on the nickel finish eating it off and causing the copper to rust.

I am 50/50 on it, could test it out and see how it works. if your really that worried, just return it.
yea its not all aluminum, there are steel parts on top of the fin stack for the fans and shroud to screw to.
When i saw this i magnet tested my evga 3070Ti fresh from rma, i had to take the shroud off any way to get it back in the little case
any way the magnet sticks, its probably better this way, that steel is less likely to strip out when installing the fans and shrouds on the assembly line

thats rust right under the shroud for sure. i still think it should just be sent back. do you have a link to the listing on ebay?