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BP6 peltier

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Senior Seti Addict
Jan 15, 2001
Denver, CO
I'm looking for a good heatsink/peltier combo to go with an Abit BP6... I would like to be able to fit two if possible, no water cooling... I'm thinking like an Alpha cooler or something. Anyone got any good suggestions?

which pIIIs are you running? i'd suggest pep66's with nice, high-cfm fans, but i don't really know what hsfs fit on the bp6.. the pep66 will defintely cope with the pelt better than almost any other heatsink.
It's a socket 370 board... I'll be running PII celerons.

pIIIs are socket 370 as well.. but i get your drift.. do you mean mendocino celerons by pII celerons? i'm not sure if they support smp. i know coppermine-based celerons don't. i'd check up on that if i were you...
they're the first generation Celerons... yes they support SMP, the board was designed for them... in fact it doesn't support the newer Celerons... I did a bunch of checking around today and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get two Alpha PAL6035 heatsinks with 38cfm fans... as for the peltiers I'm probably going to buy some 72watters later when I get some more money... anyone ever used this combo? the alpha heatsink gets really good reviews so I figure it should be sufficient to cool the peltier... but I don't want to end up frying anything, so it would be good if I could get a recommendation.

that's a pretty common combo amongst intel users; the pal6035 and 72w pelt. you're going to get VERY low temps, mind you, so make sure you insulate the board properly against condensation.. this is VERY important! if you do a half-*** job of the insulation, water will definitely get in and cause problems. make sure you insulate the back of the mobo very well, too.

have fun!
that was what I forgot to ask last night... I'm thinking of buying a block of foam and then custom cutting it to go around the peltier and under the processor... the only thing is I haven't the slightest clue on what kind of foam I should get and where to get it from.

you need closed cell foam.. i don't think it matters apart from that. don't underestimate the condensation thing though. i sealed my socket (front and back) and the entire waterblock assembly with foam and silicon sealant, and water still got in and caused some corrosion. and my proc never even dropped below zero (amd at 1.1ghz - too much heat)!!

good luck though! it must be kickass to run sub-zero!