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Bridge 2 video cards

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New Member
Apr 23, 2001
Anyone know how I could get a Voodoo 3 PCI and a GeForce 2 Ultra running together, (Adding power to the GeForce 2 Ultra, Not much but some). Please I really want to do this, (Mostly for fun because I know Im not most likely going to see a speed increase) THANKS!
umm too my knowledge ya cant ,if ya had 2 voodoo2 1000 they can run in sli mode,where there is a short cable conecting the two but thats about it .prove me wrong someone.
Unless you want to combine the 2 physically and rework all of the digital logic then it's not going to happen... the cards have to be designed to work together (kinda like having 2 voodoo2's hooked together). If it's any consolation, you can use both cards and run 2 monitors (you can even move the mouse between them) but I'm not sure if GeForce cards will work with voodoo cards.