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Broadwell-E i7 6800k overclocking help

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Oct 15, 2016

So I recently switched to the X99 Broadwell-E platform recently from my old AMD FX-8350 and I require some assistance regarding overclocking my cpu. My spec list is as follows.

a) Core i7 6800k
b) Corsair H100i GTX (Stock fan config and exhaust while using the balanced profile)
c) Gigabyte Ga X99P Sli
d) G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400 MHz DDR4
e) Zotac Geforce GTX 970 (A placeholder, got this as an exchange from my little brother for my 980Ti as I plan on getting either a 1080 or 1080 Ti in the very near future)
f) 2 SSDs and 2 Hard Drives
g) Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5 (stock fan config)
h) Cooler Master V850 850W PSU

I used the following monitoring, benchmarking and monitoring softwares
a) AIDA64 Extreme (Trial) [Initial 20 min test, 6+ Hr Endurance Test]
b) Asus ROG Realbench [Initial 15 min test, 4 Hr Endurance Test]
c) Cinebench R15 [3 runs]
d) Passmark's Performance Test [3 runs of CPU test]
e) Geekbench (Tryout) [3 runs of CPU test]
f) CPUID HWMonitor
g) CPU-Z
h) TechPowerUp GPU-Z

Initial Results:

a) Stock multipliers+auto voltage+X.M.P = cpu boosts to [email protected] and maxes at 64C during stress tests and is perfectly stable.

b) 42x+1.29-1.350V+X.M.P = Max Temp is 68-72C, benchmarks and stress tests fails

c) 42x+1.353V+X.M.P = Max Temp is 71-74C, benchmarks and initial stress tests passes but the endurance tests fails.

d) 42x+1.395V+X.M.P = Max Temp is 77-81C, benchmarks, initial stress tests and endurance tests passes,system is completely stable.

e) 43x+1.45V+X.M.P = Max Temp is 79-84C, benchmarks and initial stress tests passes but the endurance tests fails.

f) 44x+1.495V+X.M.P = Even the benchmarks fail (Cinebench R15)

Additional Note: I have to yet to find a stable voltage for 43x multiplier but the voltage numbers are not promising at all. Other than that, tests are ongoing for a stable voltage below the 1.395V mark for the 42x multiplier.

So my question is, can anybody tell me how I can do better as my oc numbers seems horrible. Is it due to my mobo? because I know silicon lottery can't be this bad. Plus any additional help regarding better temps would be swell as well.

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