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Broken Heart... With bloody experience!

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Mar 10, 2001
Today i just got my WBK38 w/ delta Fan and 80mm Panaflo fan (39.6CFM and 32db). I had planned to take out the delta fan and mount the 80mm fan on. So at the beginning, i installed the original HS and fan on the motherboard. The noise level just like an air-con machine! But the temperature is dropped from 47*C (idle by using Chome Orb) to 39*C. I was still not happy about the noise level. Thus, i began my little project to mount the 80mm fan. At 1st, i was thinking to put a grill between the fan and HS, but i find that Panaflo has no problem to mount on HS without the grill. I bent the 2 clip holders from the delta fan, and they can hold the Panaflo firmly on the HS. I was so happy and excited after it is done! it was not that hard as i thought. but it is quite difficult to install it b'cos the 80mm fan bigger than WBK38. so the clip is behind the fan. i used a flat head screw driver to push the clip down. the other hand push to the right position of the hole. eventually i got it less than 2 mins. I was desperate to start my computer.
Wow....... u cannot believe it! The noise level is so quiet!!!! My roommate also can feel the room become quiet and the different. My face with a big smile and i'm very happy with the decision i made after get some good advise from this forum!
But my happiness and success are not for long! Just less than 3 mins running!!! What happened? when i put my hand to feel the air-flow in the case, my thumb was hit by one of the Panaflo wing! My thumb is wound and the wing is broken!!! My heart is broken. I destroyed my Panaflo fan!!! Without the wing, the fan is vibrating. HS, MB and CPU are vibrating as well! The fan is not balance anymore. I 'm forced to mount the delta fan again. now my room is still noisy. i'm still listenning! What can i said? i didn't put the grill on the Panaflo, otherwise this could never happen. So put your grill on the fan now, unless you wants this happen to you.
What do i do with the broken panaflo fan? I dun know man ...... if you have good advice , please tell me what to do.

What do i learn? "Control your action when you are over happiness!"

The lesson is
"Control Yourself While You Are OverJoyed and Excited!"

Damn... i still can't believe what i have done!

Sorry to hear that. I had a similar experiance with one of my Ys Tech 120mm fans. I have it in the front for intake, and I had the front cover off to put on a grill because my cat is inquisitive. As I was screwing the bolts in place, I heard my cat scream! I ran in and found her with a "close shave" she got too close to the fan and the blades ripped off whiskers on one side of her face. I now kill any fan that I have exposed. I would rather not have cat guts to clean off my rig.
I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck, but believe me I can relate on the injury part. Both of my index fingers have bandaids on them from going into the spinning blades of death that is the Panaflo 80mm High Output. You wouldn't think it from the noise, but that thing is one bad motha.

I ripped a chunk out of the tip of one finger, and actually cracked the finger nail of the other. :-( The flesh wound isn't so bad, but that cracked finger nail is a major inconvenience (and I don't want to accidentally rip it off completely).

Anyway, I've learned my lesson. From now on any high output fans in my computer case will have grills on them. Lower output, quiet fans aren't so bad, but those fast spinning high output fans are real killers. Ugh, just looking into the spinning blades of a Delta 60mm 7000 RPM fan makes me feel weak in the knees. And super high output 80mm fans are even more dangerous because they are larger so the blades have a larger rotation and thus more force behind them :-(. Stick your finger into an Adda 50cfm 80mm and I bet you'll remember it for a LONG time.
all is not lost dude!!!
the same thing happened to me, only i didn't cut myself, and it was with a *shudder* chrome orb

It was too late to get to the computer store when I did it, so I went to Kmart and bought some Krazy Glue. You can get it with a little very accurate tip. Just glue the thing on as accurately as you can, hold it for a couple of minutes, and voila! your noise troubles are over once again

good luck
What if the blade lose again when the fan is running? Do you think it will damage other components like fan, MB, Cards and Memory? If not, i will certainly give it a try.

Well, I didn't have any problem with the broken fin coming back off, and I would be surprised if it did, krazy glue is some strong S#it. But if you are concerned, maybe pull your chip, install the fan and boot (this won't damage your system, I am assured by ABIT (yes I really did talk to them)). If the fin falls off, don't use the fan anymore:D if it doesn't, i'd say you're safe. If you are really concerned, don't try it...

If you do do this though, make sure you are very careful about how you put the fin back on, and make sure it doesn't scrape against the side of the body of the fan (not hard, just place it as exactly as you can)
I might consider some batting practice...

Ahh, sweet revenge. ;) Take that you stupid fan! Teach you to attempt fingercide! Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Mua ha ha ha ha! Die evil fan! DIE!!!!

*Ahem* 'Scuse me, flashbacks.
I broke ablade off of my 80mm 45cfm fan once and super glued it back on no problem. It stayed on for months until it whacked it again and knocked it off again but the super glue fixed mit fine a second time. just dont stick anything in the fan and it will be fine but i guess we all knew that already.
I bought a Super glue and tried to put the blade back. But i have difficulty to hold the blade until the glue dry. There is spaceless to let my two fingers to hold it. I dun know how you guys did it. It is just piss me off. Maybe i have to wait until i have good mood and patience. Thanks for you guys info.