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Bsel mod experts wanted!

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New Member
Jul 21, 2004
Hi all!

Some time ago I had a dual xeon setup bsel moddet so my 533fsb xeons would boot at 800fsb,

Now I got a 2.53Ghz Celeron-D, and my mobo is a intel (D865GLC), so I can't adjust the fsb speed in the bios, and I can't use clockgen(which im not sure works on these mobo's anyway) because I use linux.

Is there any experts out there that know how to do the bsel mod so the celeron boots at 800fsb? Usually it "just" require putting a u shaped wire into the socket!

Thanks Alot!



Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
I doubt that you can just do a pin mod to make it boot at 200FSB. Even if its possible there wont be too many people outthere who know how to do it at all.

I recommend getting a new motherboard that does support overclocking because 200x19=3800mhz. Which is possible, but I really dont know if you can do it. Also, that'll make a lot of heat.

If you still want to go through with it though, I recommend asking over at the 2CPU forums. THey're more of the type that would know how to do it.

Also, this should have gone in the wanted section. Just remember that for next time...And welcome to the forums. :)


Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
533 FSB Intel CPU's have the FSB set to:
BSEL 1 : Low (0) and BSEL 0 : High (1)

What you need is to set the FSB to is:
BSEL 1 :High (1) and BSEL 0: Low (0)

If you get creative, you could rewire the motherboard to read the pins in reverse.

Now if you dont fell like doing that, what you could do is:
Feed some current to BSEL 0 like you would do volt modding a CPU using VSS pins.
This will change the defualt BSEL 0 from a High (1) to a Low (0).

Then to change BSEL 1 from a Low (0) to a High (1) what you will need to do is simply disconnect BSEL 1. You can do this either by breaking off the pin, or putting an insilator over the pin such as a cable from a IDE/Floppy cable. Although this may be a little large. Or you could even remove the contact in the socket on the motherboard or put an insulator on it.

Hope that helps