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BSOD Infinite Loop Error

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New Member
Mar 13, 2002
Ok I have a problem that really prevents me from using my comp to its best performance, now this problem might have been discussed already, but i need to know if anyone has found a solution for the Infinite Loop error that works. Ive tried various solutions that have been posted around the via forums but they have only delayed the loop from occuring, rather then completly stopping it. I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Oh yeah so far ive tried increasing the power and changing the agp driving controls to the suggested hexadecimal alphanumerals that work best, but still no go.

Hope someone can share their wisdom on this matter.


MY specs are:
Abit KG7 Mobo (with Latest BIOS)
AMD XP 1600+
256 DDR Ram
HIS 64meg DDR Geforce 2 Ti
SB Live DE5.1
Western Digital 40 Gig 7200 HDD
350 Watt Power Supply
Running Windows XP Pro (with all updates)


Senior Band Wagon Jumper
Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Micro$oft's fix for it is to lower your hardware acceleration on your card (windows setting) till it's stable. I know that's not the answer you wanted, but that's their solution. I've managed to narrow the problem down to the the nvidia drivers that microsoft is using, but there's no way that I know of to remove them.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2001
Nvmax claims to have a fix for the problem in the program.
It adds a push memory buffer space setting into the registry.
Try it, it might work for you.


New Member
Mar 13, 2002
Yeah ive got nvmax, it didnt really work for some reason. However upon reading some posts further the down track on these forums, I discovered nvidia drivers , 27.70, 27.52 and so on. I installed the 27.52 and so far the comp has remained stable in games and while running other 3d applications such as 3D Benchmark 2001 SE.

Im hoping that this will keep the comp stable. But thanx for the replies and if this does work for good, i hope other people will try it help fix their system up.


Feb 3, 2002
The Infinite Loop BSOD can be many different things. It doesn't just have to be the video card. The infinite loop BSOD is specific to Windows XP as it is the only OS that gives you a BSOD with the error saying "Infinite Loop". With Win2000 it's also detectable if you look in the log of the crash report. I believe those are in C:\WinNT\LogFiles\WatchDog (based on what it is in XP) You'll have .wdl files. They open in NotePad. Here's an example from my last Infinite Loop BSOD log file...

// Watchdog Event Log File

LogType: Watchdog
Created: 2002-03-11 21:04:13
TimeZone: 300 - Eastern Standard Time
WindowsVersion: XP
EventType: 0xEA - Thread Stuck in Device Driver

// The driver for the display device got stuck in an infinite loop. This
// usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device
// driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your
// display device vendor for any driver updates.

ShutdownCount: 24
Shutdown: 0
EventCount: 9
BreakCount: 9
BugcheckTriggered: 1
DebuggerNotPresent: 1
DriverName: nv4_disp
EventFlag: 1
DeviceClass: Display
DeviceDescription: NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro
HardwareID: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0150&SUBSYS_012C10B0&REV_A4
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
DriverFixedFileInfo: FEEF04BD 00010000 0006000D 000A0ABE 0006000D 000A0ABE 0000003F 00000008 00040004 00000003 00000004 00000000 00000000
DriverCompanyName: NVIDIA Corporation
DriverFileDescription: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 27.50
DriverInternalName: nv_disp.dll
DriverLegalCopyright: (c) NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.
DriverOriginalFilename: nv_disp.dll
DriverProductName: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 27.50

See how it says thread stuck in device driver? Well that's a give away BSOD.

An infinite loop is where the processor sends data out to the video card and let's say the card crashed. The data's gonna get bounced back to the processor. The processor is going to bounce it back to the video card. And so and so forth. This ties up the system bus and hense we have an infinite loop. This could also happen if the processor hangs and the video card is trying to send data. Or the RAM could be involved. It could also be a hardware issue or a software issue or a driver issue. There is not one specific thing it could be. You can take two same video cards and 1 will get infinite loops and one won't.

I could go into more detail but it's not worth it cause the VIA guys came up with a really good article about this stuff but I can't seem to find it. When I do I'll post the link about it.


Senior Member
Sep 13, 2001
Valparaiso, Indiana
My friend gets it with an ecs k7s5a mobo,radeon 8500 and winxp so it has to be a winxp problem,we are gonna throw win 98 on it this weekend and see what happens.


Jan 24, 2002
Toronto, Canada
I have to agree with crystalmethod. Right now the only thing that you can do is not to push your hardware to the max. I tried NVmax, it didnt do anything, I still got the blue screen. What did work for me, is going from CAS2 timing back to CAS3. I havent had an infinite loop for about 2 weeks now with CAS3. So am kinda happy, even though I wasted more $$$ for cas2 ram.