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Its about time! Getting to the 12V plugs on some of these boards has been a huge PITA for me. I'd prefer them to be 90 degrees off the motherboard for flexibility but at least this is a start. I was planning on trying a different brand of board on my next build but this might sway me.
MSI did it too. The problem, currently, is you have to use their cases. But, that will change. I know msi partnered with (and i assume asus will) several chassis companies so in a few months (3Q?) there should be more options.

I haven't met with asus yet, but msi had three boards and while solid, they are all budget-class boards. I'm walking to Gigabyte now....

I'm at CES right now covering this stuff. I should have some articles out by the morning. Meetings alllllllllll day.
MSI mobos are quite cheap and already in stores. However, they have 2 models (in stores), and it's nothing interesting.
It just seems to me you would so limited on a build. And I have learned over the years that middle of the road & high$$ are better. Many;) lessons learned.
It just seems to me you would so limited on a build. And I have learned over the years that middle of the road & high$$ are better. Many;) lessons learned.
Depends on your uses. But the reality is, even these boards will run a flagship-class processor without choking. If it has enough slots and sockets for the potential buyers uses, they'll be fine.

I'm just not sure this will be a trend so doubt we'll see better boards.. we'll see.
Somehow I see it as a failed idea to only put connectors on the back of the PCB. They should make one connector for mobo+CPU power and install it in a proper/easy to access spot. As long as it looks clean on the front side, then it will be a mess on the back. There are also new/shorter mobo power connectors in plans, so current BTF or other ideas can be replaced in some months ... or we will live with a couple of standards, which seems even worse.
There are many things that could be improved, and they introduce things that are the least important. Look at least at multiple M.2 standards and stupid sockets, graphics card power connectors (only ASUS thinks to change it), multiple USB standards mixed with TB (not even working as they should), constantly failing CPU sockets, ...
Soon the standard RAM modules will be replaced too, so expect new motherboards and probably multiple standards at once.

In short, investing in hardware with upgrades in mind is a stupid idea. Whatever upgrade manufacturers promise won't be good enough/worth it in a couple of months/years. In most cases, it will end in replacing the whole PC (or most of it).
I can see it picking up steam eventually at least on the enthusiast end of PC parts. I'll gladly cut or drill holes in any case to make room for backside plugs but not everyone has that ability but as the mainstream case manufacturers like Lian-Li, Corsair and Phanteks start making the cases for it it could easily become popular. I mean how many of us water cooling people thought it would become mainstream like it is now?
Just saw this now. Seems neat, but as has been stated the lack of cases and versatility is going to be a huge chicken and egg situation