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Bubbles inside a computer?

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Ct. Strangelove

Aug 25, 2002
bleek abyss
Yeah bubbles.

Were i work there is a fifties style jute box (plays cds). On the outskirts of it there are tubes with bubble flowing upwards. The bubble are nearly evenly spaced out. How is it done? We are talking some sort of air pump with a lot of back flow precausions. But wouldn't it be radical to have that in a comp? Better than a lava lamp.
It's probably a two-piece system: a pump to drive water through the tubes, and something that releases an air bubble into the tube at regular intervals.
Get a pump for an aquarium. I saw a mod a while back where a guy did this with his reservoir for his watercooling system.
CH2O...formaldehyde is the liquid in the tubes not water...

i think you will find that it is water, and a simple air pressuriser (fish tank air pump) is used. there is no need for the water to be pumped as the bubbles rise, with the horseshoe ones, maybe they do use a different substance to get the bubbles to "drop" at the other side of the tubing. yes, this would be a cool mod, but take up a bit to much space for most cases that are already watercooled;)

Cheers, Turando
Maybe it is water

But in the Wurlitzer jukebox they use formaldahide or at least one of the models...