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[Build Log] JrClocker's Titan X P - AIO Hybrid Cooler Mod

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AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
While the NVIDIA Titan X Pascal is a GREAT card, the stock blower fan is VERY LOUD...and barely keeps the GPU at 80-ish C during heavy loads on an overclock drawing 120% TDP.

So, I bought an EVGA 1080 Hybrid kit, and decided to see if it would fit on the card. The goal is to use as many of the existing parts from the original Titan, and only use the special EVGA modded AIO...here we go!

Just got my brand new EVGA 1080 Hybrid Kit:

Hybrid Kit.JPG

Let's get started...first, let's remove the backplate:

02-With Backplate.JPG

Backplate is off:

03-No Backplate.JPG

Let's take off the front face plate:

04-No Faceplate.JPG

Man, I really don't want to take off the PCB heat spreader...but you have to because you can't get to the fan connector:

05-Stupid Fan.JPG

OK - first we need to take off the large aluminum heat sink. Nice job with the TIM application NVIDIA!

05-Heat Sink Off.JPG

Nice and shiny GP102 Titan X Pascal GPU!



We have a Titan down, we have a Titan Down!!!!! Broke a wire off the fan header trying to take the connector off the board(cheap connector...geeze):


Tried to fix it and failed. Good thing the EVGA fan that came with the Hybrid kit worked!


And the Franken-Titan is complete...muhuhuhahahahaha!!!!! (I hope it still works...gulp!)


And now for the money shot...currently running [email protected]:

11-Yeah baby!.jpg

The same work unit was running at 78 C. So, I will call a 23 C reduction in GPU temp (and super quiet) a success!! :thup:


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015


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