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Building a computer ... confused out of my mind.

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Please help!

New Member
Mar 29, 2002
Ok. I just started building a computer. I'm using some old parts and some newly bought parts, so the part list might be a little short.

-Lian-Li PC65 Case
-AMD 900 Thunderbird
-ASUS A7A266 Mobo
-20 GB Western Digital HD
-Numerous sticks of PC133 RAM .... I forgot what each one was. :D
-Xtacy GeForce II Video Card

Ok. So far, I have most things installed .... I have to take some parts out of other computers and this and that .. now to the part where I'm confused.

LED Hookup.

The diagram is easy to follow on the ASUS quick reference cards etc, but I don't wanna put something where it shouldn't go. Some pins are for grounding, but I don't know which wire is for grounding and which is for, say, the PWR_SW.


All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
the power and reset switches are both momentary switches, so it doesnt matter which way you plug it in. it will work both ways...about the leds, the colored wire is positive, and the negative is white, it should say either in the book or on the motherboard which pin is positive.....on the board it will prolly have an arrow of some sort pointing at the positve pin...hope that helps


Jan 6, 2002
On the connectors for the LEDs, there is a little triangle by the positive lead and the negative is used for the ground. Follow the diagram in the mobo's manual when plugging in the connectors. If ya mess up and the LED light doesn't come on, just turn the connector around.