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Building a Quiet, Budget Audio Creation Suite

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New Member
Jun 30, 2005
My brother is looking to buy a computer that is:
A.)A Music and Audio studio, compatible with Midi ports for a Keyboard and Acoustica Mixcraft 5 Ready
B.)Cheap (700 or less)

Looking primarily for recommendations on Soundcards with little to no latency, that have a Midi connection, and is sufficient in recording quality.

I understand the basic principles of making a computer quiet. You look for rubber or plastic frames and braces to ensure minimal rattling, and purchase high cfm low decibal fans and larger heatsinks to maintain a noiseless case, along with a quiet psu and hard disks. Any specific sites or stores that have cheap and effective products I can install myself would be mighty helpful.

If there are any suggestions or starting pointers you all can give me, I would much appreciate it. I am only looking for the tower, guts, and noise cancelling accessories. No need for peripherals or monitor...just guts.
In all Honesty, I just want to know from the people that would know if it is fairly possible. Thank you all in advance and have a merry xmas!


May 6, 2003
If you're interested in building a quiet machine, one of the best places to start looking for information is silentpcreview.com. They have reviews testing the noise levels of all kinds of computer hardware and a discussion forum with lots of ideas for computer silencing.